Family Child Care

About Our Program

Located in the farmhouse, our Family Childcare Space is licensed for ten children and provides a loving environment with sunny rooms and a heated floor.  We offer an age appropriate and emergent curriculum where we explore and grow using our senses.  

Each child is hugged, kissed, and loved while they are here. We bring the children outdoors onto our back patio area, where they get lots of fresh air! Outside, the children have a large selection of toys to choose from. Our caring Assistants make each day fun, with crafts, story time, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and singing songs. 

Parents can rest assured that their child is happy and smiling while at Wright Farm Sudbury Child Care. Parents can check our app, for live updates and photos of their child during their time here. When your child is old enough, they begin the transition to the Schoolhouse, where their learning journey continues!  

Home Away From Home

"When I first drove over to the farm I saw that big red barn and all the animals and instantly fell in love. When you walk in you feel like you are at home and Jennifer greeted us with a big smile." - Janet and Lauren M.

Meet Our Child Care Team :)

Miss Marj

Our part-time Certified Assistant, Miss Marj, is a preschool teacher  with years of experience working in another preschool in Sudbury. She has three  teenagers and lives here in Sudbury. She has a gentle hand with our  infants here, and keeps our toddlers busy with music time or stories up  on our felt board.  She encourages outdoor play whenever possible, and  she really engages each child under her care. The children here often go  home with hand-knitted blankets and hats made by her in her free time.  Miss Marj works three days a week, mostly with the toddlers, in the Family Child Care space. 

Miss Jennifer

Jennifer Parish is a mother to four grown children and lives in Framingham with her husband Phil. Miss Jennifer Parish and Miss Jennifer Eckler (the owner) have known each other as moms raising kids for over 24 Years! Phil Jr. lives and loves the sporting life in Utah. Jeff is a soccer enthusiast with US Soccer. Patrick is a hard working dad, loving and blessed with fatherhood. Melissa is a student at Springfield College and tennis extraordinaire.Miss Jen loves being a mom and can't believe how fast her kids have grown and now her grandson even faster! Her natural instinct with babies in a calm, warm, loving way is so nurturing. She is a certified USPTR Tennis Pro teaching at the Zip Zone in Wayland, and coaching JV Boys Tennis at the Rivers School in Weston. Miss Jen is thrilled to love, hold, and nurture babies again! Jennifer works mostly with the babies in the Family Child Care space. 

Miss Cindy

Our part-time Regular Assistant, Miss Cindy, is a mother  to two grown children and lives here in Sudbury. Her oldest child, a  daughter, just completed her freshman year at Ithaca College in New  York. Her son is a junior in highschool.  She is the most loving and  nurturing staff member yet.  She offers a gentle approach to all of the  children here and the children's eyes light up when they greet her each  day.  Children with special needs have a place in her heart and her hugs  are plentiful. Miss Cindy works part-time in the Family Child Care  home here at Wright Farm

Miss Heather

Our seasonal part-time Certified Assistant, Heather Eckler, is a 2013  graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has a BA in Education.  Heather is also a graduate of UMass Boston, earning her M.A.Ed in 2016.  Her studies focused on Special Education for children with mild to  moderate disabilities. During the school-year, Heather works full-time  as a Para-Profssional for the Wayland Public Schools as well as working  part-time here at Wright Farm, whether it be in the Family Child  Care home or the Schoolhouse. During the summer months, she works with  us full-time and shares her positivity and energy with all of the  students! She has 7 years of experience working with infants and  preschoolers in a non-profit daycare in Connecticut prior to joining us  at Wright Farm Sudbury Child Care. 

Our Family Child Care Assistants

Miss Roxy works part-time as an Assistant in the Family Child Care space.  We have an "on-call" regular assistant available to work whenever we  need an extra set of hands.  "Grammie" loves the outdoors, occasionally  plays the piano for us and has an extra special touch with infants. She is the most energetic 92 year old that you will ever meet! In her  free time she enjoys (yes enjoys) yard work, riding her bicycle, and  keeping in touch with friends on Facebook.  

Family Child Care Enrollment Packet

 Thank you for your interest in Wright Farm Sudbury Child Care! We anticipate openings in the Family Childcare Space in September of 2019. Please feel free to download the Family Child Care Enrollment Packet!