See what parents say about Wright Farm Sudbury Child Care!

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Nicole and Pete G.

"Wright Farm is like a breath of fresh air (literally!). I canot imaine a better situation for our child to grow, learn, and thrive in. The emphasis on the child's time outside enjoying the beautiful farm with the animals and exploring nature makes us so grateful as parents to know our child's days are so adventurous and well rounded. In addition to making sure the children thrive in nature, we find the Wright Farm curriculum to be incredible. We made a switch from a previous curriculum focused center, and were astonished by the information our child started bringing home. We also appreciate the focus on developing the children's basic skill sets to help us set them up for independence. While I could go on and on, our first impression of Wright Farm was that we felt comfortable and relieved to know our child will be in the hands of a loving and family oriented environment. These expectations have only been exceeded as our time here has been consistent with teachers and caregivers excited to come to work everyday and treat us as an extension to their family."

Terri and Jon B.

"We cannot say enough great things about Wright Farm. Our little boy truly loves it there and we have great reassurance knowing he is in such a wonderful environment with caregivers who genuinely love being with, teaching and developing the children. It's always nerve racking finding a suitable place for your little one and leaving them in someone else's care. But from day one of visiting the farm, we knew it would be a wonderful place for children to not only grow and develop, but also to just be children and enjoy the simple joys of life. We love how much outside time the children have and how much exposure they have to the animals and nature. The staff are all so friendy, caring, accomodating and are happy to chat about our little boy's day anytime. The App that Wright Farm uses is so amazing as it allows us to see updates of what's going on in our little boy's day, along with pictures, bathroom breaks, snacks, and lunch times. It's so nice to have those updates when we are away from him at work. Honestly, we can't say enough great things, we love everything about Wright Farm, there isn't another daycare in the Sudbury area that compares."

Debbie M. and Rob D.

"Our 3 year old has been attending Wright Farm Daycare for the past two years, and we feel so lucky to be part of this amazing community. The teachers are very caring, the curriculum is outstanding, and it really feels like a home away from home. The environment is bright, cheerful, and cozy. The kids play outside during all seasons, they do topical arts and crafts, and they are always advancing academically. We also have become friends with some of the other parents and enjoy Jen's informal family get-togethers, birthday parties with friends, and weekend playdates with our daughter's classmates. I love that they will heat up food, which allows me to send in a variety of lunch items. They also make lots of cool snacks, for example making Monkey Bread with the kids as part of the Rainforest Theme, ants on a log, or special birthday treats. We get adorable pics and a daily update via the App that they use, so that we can chat with our preschooler about her day (and see how happy she is!). It also makes it easy to communicate reminders, i.e. bring in more diapers, new change of clothes needed, your child isn't feeling well, etc. I love that nature is a common theme, whether they are jumping in rain puddles with their rain boots, digging for worms, learning about the animals on the farm, growing bean seedlings, or painting with leaves. They are constantly updating the toys, equipment and activities.  I highly recommend Wright Daycare for newborns through preschool. I can't say enough great things about the ladies who care for my little one all day.  From a practical standpoint, the daycare/preschool open early and close late compared with other centers, and parking and drop-off are super fast and convenient."

Janet and Lauren M.

"What to say about “the farm?” There are not enough words!   I have one 2-year-old child attending and has been there for 6 months. When I first drove over to the farm I saw that big red barn and all the animals and instantly fell in love. When you walk in you feel like you are at home and Jennifer greeted us with a big smile and invited us to chat first before touring the house. At the time my child was joining the nursery program and the new school had not been built yet. She gave an overview of the logistics and then we toured her house, deck and outside play area. For me the thing that really stood out was her passion for the quality of care for the kids and that my child was content with her when she held her for an extended period. It was an easy choice!   The environment alone offers superior enrichment for the kids that attend. They are exposed to many different animals, they have access to large outdoor play spaces and toys, the new school is adorable, it is clean, organized, every child has their own cubby, easy sign-in/sign-out for both the kids and adults, teaching the kids the importance of letting others know where they are and the selection of toys/activities and crafts is plentiful.   The teachers are all qualified and some are working towards furthering their credentials even more. You can tell they all genuinely enjoy working with the kids! The faces you see are consistent there is not a revolving door of new employees. They have also helped me out with babysitting when needed. I can see a big difference in my child, more talking, better with sharing toys, more independence and when we arrive can’t wait to play with the other kids/toys (which I love and hate at the same time!). The days are structured to include choices of 3 play options, circle time for a story, an art project, outside time (no matter the weather) and free play.  The mobile app! I work in mobile technology so I can say hands down it is the best early childhood education app out there. I love seeing the alerts pop up on my phone letting me see and know exactly what is happening in my child’s day. It informs you of check-in/out, when she has snacks/lunch, her diaper changes, her naps (when she decides to take them!), the teachers do a wonderful write up of the day’s activities every day and I get to see wonderful pictures that you can also download! This is especially wonderful if you are traveling for work. I love being able to see her day even if I must be away. It also keeps you informed of events happening and if you forgot to mention something to the teacher during drop off, you can send them a quick message in the app.   Family pizza nights are also so much fun, all the parents get to meet each other which is nice, especially if you are new to the area. The kids get to run around and play and you don’t have to worry because they are in a safe environment. There are snacks and pizza so no one goes hungry after a long day at school/work. I like they are scheduled after school/work as well given you are traveling there anyway for pickup.   I have absolutely no worries with my child at “the farm.” I have loved being part of their family to the point I have thought about a career change and possibly opening my own daycare!  All in all, your child should be here IF you can get in!" 😊 

Heather D. and Wendy W.

"WFS is hands down the best place in the Metrowest for children to grow and learn. Both of our kids have gone to WFS and we couldn't  be happier. The exposure to the beautiful nature on the farm, the idyllic landscape, schoolhouse, and nurturing staff are found no where else in the area. Having gone thru 5 other daycare facilities from San Francisco to Newton we are so happy we found our extended family at WFS.   It takes a village and WFS is a huge part of ours. In an instant after seeing the environment and being around the warm and loving vibe of the staff and family at WFS we knew we wanted our children to experience all they had to offer. We love the farm and truly feel at home coming and going every day with our children. The daily updates are so informative as to what the children are doing and the reasons why. We feel like we were there with them and not missing a thing. WFS has put so much thought into the layout of the schoolhouse, the furniture, access to learning tools and design. The warm inviting sense of home and safe learning net for all the kids can be felt immediately. Our oldest son who is now in public school begs us to go back and visit.    It’s hard to find diversity in the Metrowest  to have that on a farm with super great,  professional loving staff, access to unique nature and a clear passion for raising well rounded caring and strong children is truly special. We love Jennifer and WFS and we are so happy our children are there."


"The leadership of Jennifer Eckler and the care offered through Wright Farm Sudbury Childcare is nothing short of masterful. Her holistic approach to care captures the values we hope to inculate in our own home, including a strong sense of community, responsibility, respect, kindness, learning, exploration, and connectedness with our world and one another. Situated in a unique, idyllic setting, the intergenerational farm affords the children vast opportunities to daily engage in the outdoors and one another through superbly planned curricula and activities that cultivate learning and fun. Each member of the caregiving team embodies these values through genuine care for every child. My eldest son  was one of the first to enter the program when the farm reopened in 2014 and will soon enter pre-Kindergarten with confidence and excellent school preparedness. I can envision no greater care program for both my children and strongly recommend the Wright Farm to anyone considering early childcare."

Splashing in Puddles!

Kirstin and David G.

"I cannot say enough great things about Wright Farm.  My 4 year old  daughter has been there since she was 3 months old.  It is just an  amazing place for kids to learn, and the entire staff is top notch.    Love the fact that it's on a farm, and my daughter is learning in a  natural setting.  My daughter comes home curious, inquisitive, and talks  about the things she has learned.  The preschool has an app where they  send pictures and updates on my daughter all day long.  Those pics are  my favorite part of my day, as well as the updates.  I cannot say enough  about Wright Farm!!" 

Kristen and Justin H.

"Our son has been attending Wright Farm since he was 16 weeks old,  and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.  We visited many of  the big childcare "centers" and they all felt cold and cavernous.  We  loved that Wright Farm was run out of a home, and the farm atmosphere  was totally unique.  Everyday our son is interacting with rabbits,  goats, and horses.  It's really something you can't find anywhere else!

While  we have nothing to compare it to since he's only ever gone to Wright  Farm, we feel like our son has learned so much by attending Wright  Farm.  His vocabulary has exploded over the last year, and he's learning  about things he never would have learned elsewhere.  Just last week, he  learned about beekeeping!

One of the best  things that Wright Farm offers is their unique app.  We get updates  throughout the day about what our son is doing, including several  pictures of him having fun!  We use these pictures as conversation  starters for the ride home.

We had a relatively  unique situation when our son was about 7 months old.  He needed to  wear a corrective helmet for a few months, and Jennifer and the staff at  Wright Farm were incredibly encouraging.  Jennifer got us in touch with  a parent who had a similar situation, so we were able to make an  informed decision.  During the time he wore the helmet, the staff at  Wright Farm were wonderful.  It was the height of summer, and they were  great about making sure he didn't get overheated."  

Leah and Brandan M.

"I cannot say enough great things about Wright Farm.  We knew from our  first visit that this was the environment we wanted for our children,  and after some time on the wait list, jumped at the chance to move to  Wright Farm.   All of the staff members are so fantastic and we love  that they take the time to keep us updated and take pictures throughout  the day.  Even with the younger kids, we love the outdoor activities,  art, and learning that is planned. Our son is a little over one, but  gets so happy and excited when we talk about "going to school" and loves  going to see the animals before we leave for the day. We are so lucky  to be part of the Wright Farm Family!"

Veronica and Nick A.

"We are new parents and looking for childcare was a bit overwhelming at first. When we first started looking we didn’t know what type of childcare we were looking for (large facility, home daycare, etc.), but we were certain that we needed a place we could trust. We visited several different childcare facilities, all of which had different pros and cons. Once we visited Wright Farm we knew this was the place for our family. Not only did Wright Farm meet our basic requirements (safety, basic care, free play, time outside, interaction with other kids, etc.), but the atmosphere felt much more inviting than the other places we had considered. Before making our decision, we attended one of Wright Farm’s family pizza nights. After talking to the staff, visiting the facility, hearing feedback from other parents and observing the kids who attended the daycare we knew we wanted our son at Wright Farm. For our family, it’s the perfect mix of what in-home childcare and big facilities offer, plus more! 

Our four-month-old has been attending Wright Farm for just over a month. As hard as it is going back to work, it gives us peace of mind to know that our son is well cared for and happy. We look forward to the updates from the staff all day long, especially the pictures of our happy baby! He’s always smiling when we drop him off and pick him up. It’s very apparent that the staff truly cares about our child, they’re always happy and provide us with detailed updates. We really like how much the children interact with one another and the amount of time they spend outdoors. It’s wonderful how the babies get to be outside with one another, observe the older kids on the playground, go for walks nearby and visit the farm animals. 

In the short time that our son has been at Wright Farm, we’ve already seen so much growth. He’s socializing with other kids, developing his fine motor skills, learning routine, etc. The staff always keeps us updated on his progress, lets us know when to bring in extra supplies and offer advice when we ask. If there are specific things that we do at home and would like done during the day, they are very open to discussing it with us and figuring out what’s best for our child. We enjoy the professional, yet laid back atmosphere which makes us comfortable when talking to the staff and other parents. We are very happy with our experience thus far and we would not hesitate to recommend Wright Farm to our friends and family. The Wright Farm staff is now part of our family and we are just so pleased that our child is safe, well-cared for and happy!"