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Terrific Twos Class & Preschool Class

Our Schoolhouse opened its doors in October of 2017 and the children love it!

Families enroll their children to stay with us until they are prepared to step up to the exciting world of kindergarten.  Our amazing teachers makes sure each child has a positive self image, solid fine motor skills with the ability to self regulate themselves within their little community of classmates.  These are milestones noted in the kindergarten screening process. 

There are two classrooms in the Wright Farm Schoolhouse. "Terrific Twos" and "Preschool". Children aged 15-32 months are enrolled in Terrific Twos. Children aged 33 months to kindergarten are enrolled in Preschool.

Miss Kathleen is the Lead Teacher of Terrific Twos and Miss Sarah is the Teacher Assistant. Miss Martha is the Lead Teacher of Preschool and Miss Addie is the Teacher Assistant. Take a moment to read more about our Teachers below!

Learning and Playing

"Wright Farm Sudbury has put so much thought into the layout of the schoolhouse, the furniture, access to learning tools and design." - Heather D. and Wendy W.

Terrific Twos Teachers

Miss Kathleen (left) and Miss Sarah (right)

Miss Kathleen

Our new full-time Assistant Director Kathleen Sawyer, is a child-focused professional who graduated from Fitchburg State University in 1986 with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. For five years she worked as a second-grade teacher at a private school in Reading, MA. 

After the birth of her first child she moved back to her hometown of Sudbury, MA and worked for five years as a Lead Preschool Teacher at Regis College Lab school in Weston, MA. During this time she attended several courses at Regis College and earned her Director I Certification. She mentored practicum students about how to interact with and teach young children when developing an emergent and age-appropriate curriculum. After the birth of her second son, Kathleen served as the Director/Lead Teacher for a small toddler program at Peace Lutheran Church in Wayland, MA. For 18 years she gained valuable experience working with Early Intervention while working hand-in-hand with parents to write Individual Education Plans (IEP). 

Kathleen is a focused advocate for children and has the qualifications to oversee our daily operations, along with, and in the absence of, Miss Jenn.  Kathleen will also spend time in the Family Child Care building in order to get to know her incoming  students. She comes highly recommended due to her excellent compliance  history while running her program in Wayland, and she demonstrates a  warm and wonderful style of communication with each child. 

We are  thrilled Miss Kathleen joined our team of teachers! As Assistant  Director to owner Jennifer Eckler, Kathleen is enriching the Preschool  curriculum and providing administrative support to the two classrooms  (Terrific Twos and Preschool)  here at the Wright Farm Schoolhouse. Pictured here, Miss Kathleen is standing on the left.

Miss Sarah

Our full-time certified Teacher Assistant, Sarah Eckler, is a 2017 Cum Laude graduate  of Framingham State University with a BA in Sociology. She works with Miss Kathleen and contributes to the daily planning of the Terrific Twos emergent curriculum.

Miss Sarah's favorite part of teaching is when she can see the kids using the tools she taught them to problem solve, or come to a conclusion about something all on their own. She enjoys seeing the children be able to help one another. Miss Sarah enjoys when the children are all engaged in an activity because that shows her that they are very interested and want to learn more! 

She brings her energy, warmth, and sense of humor  to work - and the children love her!  She is efficient, and is quick to  make each child smile. Pictured here, Miss Sarah is standing on the right. 

Preschool Teachers

Miss Addie (left) and Miss Martha

Miss Martha

Our full-time Preschool Teacher, Miss Martha, graduated from Framingham  State University in 2003 with a BA in Sociology.  She began teaching in  2003 after obtaining her MA Certification in Early Childhood Education  to teach Infant,Toddler and Preschool levels.  Shortly after, she  enrolled part time in the Social Work Graduate Program at Simmons  College in Boston.  She graduated in 2013 with her Master's Degree and  obtained her LCSW to practice in Massachusetts.  She focused her social  work expertise in working with children in underprivileged living  conditions, gaining experience with behavior problems and identifying  learning disabilities.  Soon after, she worked in a large group  childcare in Framingham, MA as a lead teacher.  There she bonded with  her students and their families.  Under her guidance and curriculum  planning, her preschoolers excelled by leaps and bounds, earning rave  reviews by parents and staff there.  In her preschool classroom, she  encourages hands-on experiences incorporating the use of some Montessori  learning materials with a Reggio Emilia  approach to learning. Pictured here, Miss Martha is standing on the right. 

Miss Addie

Our full-time Assistant Teacher in the Schoolhouse, Addie  Beguelin, attended Concord Carlisle High School and is a graduate of the  University or Maine, Orono, where she earned her BA in Sociology. While  in college, Addie also studied Early Childhood Education - which left  her with a wide variety of paths to choose from after college! Addie has  been with us for two years and has really enjoyed working with the kids  here. Addie has a passion for farm animals and was very drawn to  working here, because of the unique farm setting that Wright Farm  Sudbury Child Care offers. Miss Addie has worked on horse farms for most  of her life doing barn chores, as well as volunteering with a Hippotherapy  program. A Hippotherapy program is designed to help toddlers develop  sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive skills while riding or being in  contact with horses. Miss Addie's horse, Star, lives here at Wright Farm  and Miss Addie can see her through the windows of the schoolhouse as  she teaches with Miss Martha. Addie is very excited to share her passion  for farm life with the kids that she works with. Some days the children  get to pet a baby bunny or one of the mini horses and it's a great tool  to be able to teach them about growth and the cycle of life. She also  loves that the kids have the freedom to express themselves through the  fun art projects as well as discover themselves through "free play"  - playing outside year round. Miss Addie hopes to see the kids be able  to grow into well rounded kindergarteners before they leave here. Miss  Addie works in the Wright Farm Schoolhouse an Assistant Teacher to Miss  Martha, in the preschool classroom. Pictured here, Miss Addie is standing on the left, with her horse "STAR".

Schoolhouse Enrollment Packet

Thank you for your interest in Wright Farm Sudbury Child Care! We anticipate openings in the Schoolhouse in September of 2019. Please feel free to download the Large Group Enrollment Packet!